The Banff Mountain Film Festival

The Banff Mountain Film Festival

Jan 29th 2020

Are you ready for an amazing two day film festival in your neck of the woods? Come see stories filled with remote journeys, ground-breaking expeditions, and cutting-edge adventures told through the eyes of adventurers, authors, photographers, and filmmakers from around the globe at the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is an international film competition with an annual presentation of some of the world’s top short films and documentaries about mountain culture, sports, and the environment. It was launched in 1976 as The Banff Festival of Mountain Films by The Banff Centre. Every year the festival kicks off in gorgeous Banff, Alberta. This year, they will be celebrating their 45th annual festival.

Following the Festival in Banff the World Tour hits the road, bringing Banff to audiences around the globe. We are honored to be one of the Sponsors of the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Suffern, NY at the beautiful Lafayette Theater. Join Ramsey Outdoor and Chestnut Mountain Productions in Suffern on February 25th and 26th! 

Gear up for the Banff Mountain Film Festival with Ramsey Outdoor!