What Do Fly Fisherman Do in the Winter?

What Do Fly Fisherman Do in the Winter?

Jan 8th 2021

Fly fishing is exciting and tests your limits, it can be fruitful and at times reward you in colossal ways. But what do fly fisherman do in the Winter when they are waiting for the season to start? We’ve put together a list to help you get ready for the time of year you love most!

Check Your Gear

With Trout Season just around the corner, our experts at Ramsey Outdoor encourage you to check out your gear and see what you’re going to need. After that, why not start tying flies now and stock up for spring? They collectively agree that you can never have enough flies and wooly buggers when you’re on the water so those are good to learn how to tie!

  • Fly Rods: Your rods should be ok if they were put away dry after your last trip, but it’s worth checking the rings and reel seat, as well as for any cracks on the rod itself. If you notice any issues, it’s time to get a new rod.
  • Fly Reels: Check your reel and make sure all screws are secured. It’s not uncommon for screws to come loose during the season. Remove the spool and check the drag system. Make sure to clean all moving parts thoroughly to keep your reel functioning properly.
  • Fly Lines: Check your line for cracks. Depending on the conditions that you fish in and how much you fish, your line may only last one season. If it’s cracked, then it’s time for new line. If your line is just dirty, remove it from the reel and wash it in warm, soapy water. Once all debris has been removed, rinse with water, dry with a towel and respool.
  • Flies: This will probably be the one area that won’t get overlooked! New flies are essential for the season.
  • Fly Box: Depending on the size of your fly collection, you’ll want to have one or several to keep your flies protected and in good shape.
  • Leaders and Tippets: These will weaken and degrade over time and with use. Before the season starts, treat yourself to new leaders and tippets!
  • Line Scissors: Check your scissors as they will wear and need replacement.
  • Clothing: Make sure that your clothing is ready for the season, including your vest. If there are any rips or holes, it’s time to replace your vest.
  • Waders: Give your waders a good inspection. There’s nothing worse than getting in the water only to find a mouse likes your waders just as much as you or they have cracked!
  • Wading Boots: Just like your waders, your boots also need a thorough inspection. They may just need new laces, or you could need new boots all together from sole wear.
  • Fishing License: You need a new one every year, so take this time while you’re prepping your gear and get your license for the season. Fishing Licenses are required by Law to fish, but rules and regulations vary by State. Check with local State authorities for licensing requirements.

Go Fishing

A lot of fisherman will stay in and wait for the season to start, but there are some who take advantage of the solitude and cold and go fishing. This can be a great time to fish if your state permits it. Unlike the Summer, it’s best to go when it is warmer in the day. With the Winter Trout Stocking Program in New Jersey, you can now fish for Trout year round, and Pennsylvania has an early season for Trout from January 1st thru February 28/29th. If you live in an area where the weather has been really cold and the lakes are frozen, try your hand at ice fishing! Learn the basics on how to get started with our guide to ice fishing.

Now that you have the list and can start preparing for the upcoming season, stop by one of our locations and our knowledgeable staff will help you get the fly fishing gear you need, plus answer any questions that you may have.

Gear up for fishing with Ramsey Outdoor!