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CAMP Tricam

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Look on the rack of most experienced trad climbers and you are almost certain to see an assortment of Tricams. Most climbers agree that visiting the Gunks without multiples of pink through purple is a serious mistake. These wondrous pieces of pro can be used either as cams or nuts and often work where nothing else fi ts. Tricams are ideal in horizontal cracks, pockets, and shallow vertical cracks. The larger sizes are an affordable way to augment a rack of cams and are ideal for belay anchors due to their high strength and light weight. Tricams can also be placed in icy cracks where regular cams do not work.

Size Weight Range (min) Range (max) Strength (Cam) Strength (Chock)
#0.125 9 g 10 mm 16 mm 3 kN 2 kN
#0.25 19 g 13.5 mm 22 mm 5 kN 5 kN
#0.5 26 g 18 mm 27 mm 9 kN 7 kN
#1 35 g 21 mm 32 mm 10 kN 8 kN
#1.5 50 g 26 mm 40 mm 14 kN 14 kN
#2 55 g 29 mm 45 mm 14 kN 14 kN
#2.5 77 g 32 mm 48 mm 15 kN 15 kN
#3 90 g 38 mm 54 mm 16 kN 11 kN
#3.5 117 g 41 mm 60 mm 18 kN 18 kN
#4 138 g 45 mm 64 mm 18 kN 18 kN
#5 120 g 57 mm 89 mm 22 kN 22 kN

Additional Information

Style: 9230125-2009
Brand CAMP
Lens Shape N/A
Age Group N/A
Lens Type N/A
Frame Shape N/A
Glove Type N/A
Hat Type N/A
Shirt Type N/A
Underwear Type N/A
Wader Type N/A
Shoe Type N/A
Activity Trad Climbing
Frame Type N/A
Volume N/A
Type N/A
Bow Type N/A
Bulb Type N/A
Accessory Type N/A
Gate N/A
Feature N/A
Color N/A
Weight N/A
Gender N/A
Species N/A
Fly Type N/A
Technique N/A
Firearm Type N/A
Type N/A
Fuel Type N/A
Tool Type N/A
Use N/A
Use N/A
Material N/A
Length N/A
Rod Length N/A
Height N/A
Filter Type N/A
Chemical Type N/A
Lure Action N/A
Sock Height N/A
Sleeves N/A
Temperature Rating N/A
Capacity N/A
Lure Type N/A
Insulation Type N/A
Active Ingredient N/A
Cockpit N/A
Hook Type N/A
Lure Type N/A
Knife/Tool Type N/A
Luggage Type N/A
Features N/A
Bag Type N/A
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