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Spoons & Spinning Lures

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  1. Mepps Aglia Long Spinner

    •  Gold
    •  Silver
    •  Goldbo Scale
    •  Rainbo Scale
    • Plain treble hook
    • Strong and durable, imperfection-free, Swedish Sandvic stainless steel shaft wound and clipped in a manner to securely hold the entire lure together. Sandvic stainless steel is of the highest quality and will not break, rust or corrode even after repeatedly landing fish.
    • Precisely machined, solid brass components are perfectly balanced to maintain maximum stability at all retrieval speeds.
    • Genuine silver plating with a meticulously-applied, tarnish-resistant, epoxy clear-coat finish for one bright flash after another as the lure is pulled through the water.
    • Water-activated, self-lubricating, folded clevis allows the blade to begin spinning freely as soon as the lure hits the water. A folded clevis not only out-performs a stir-up style clevis, it is much stronger and far more durable as well.
    • Naturally deep-running, willow-leaf shaped blade featuring a unique rainbo-scale decal. The decal reflects a prism of light containing all shades of the color spectrum, much like the scales on a fish, as the blade spins in the water.
    • Extra-strong, razor-sharp, perfectly-honed premium quality hook to achieve the highest hooking percentage possible. Using a bigger and stronger hook also significantly increases the lure’s ability to keep a big fish on and get it into the boat.
    • Exclusive, unbreakable strike-attractor bead (and/or tube) entices more fish to strike. The “hot spot” created by the bead (and/or tube) gives the fish a specific spot to target as it closes in for the strike.

    From: $3.39 To: $4.89

  2. Mepps Trouter Kit - Plain Lure Assortment

    • Plain Treble Hook Lure Assortment
    • Includes reusable storage box
    • 1/8 oz. Little Wolf spoon silver
    • #1 Thunder Bug may fly-gold blade
    • #0 Aglia Long silver blade
    • #1 Black Fury hot firetiger dot blade
    • #1 XD silver body-silver blade
    • #1 Aglia gold blade.
    • NOTE: Due to ongoing research, lure components may differ slightly from those pictured or described.
  3. Blue Fox Classic Vibrax® Spinner

    •  Gold/Gold
    •  Silver/Silver
    • Patented 2 part body made of machined brass
    • Silver or copper plated
    • Body emits sonic vibration when free turning gear rubs against the Vibrax bell
    • Brass stamped blades
    • Stainless steel shaft
    • VMC® Hook is extremely sharp for quick penetration and perfectly tempered for strength

    From: $3.69 To: $4.49

  4. Blue Fox Minnow Spin

    •  Brown Trout/Gold
    •  Minnow/Silver
    •  Gold/Plated Gold
    •  Silver/Plated Silver
    • Balsa body with baitfish pattern selection
    • Natural minnow profile
    • VMC® Hook is extremely sharp for quick penetration and strong to resist bending
    • Stamped brass blade features plated and printed patterns
    • Stainless steel shaft

    From: $5.69 To: $5.79

  5. Blue Fox Vibrax® Super Bou (Tandem Blades) Spinner

    •  Pink/Purple
    • Heavy-duty stainless steel through wire construction
    • Premium VMC® hooks
    • Thin, high-vibrating tandem blades
    • Free-turning brass gear emits sonic vibration and rattles when rubbing against the bell

    Price From: $22.99

  6. Blue Fox Vibrax® Bullet Fly

    •  Black/Fluorescent Red
    •  Black/Fluorescent Yellow
    •  Silver/Black
    •  White/Black
    • Machined brass main body with plated or painted finishes
    • 30% heavier than comparable Classic Vibrax
    • VMC® Hooks are perfectly tempered for strength and extremely sharp for quick penetration
    • Dressed tail for added attraction
    • Heavy duty stainless steel shaft
    • Inline blade spins directly on shaft
    • Blade rotates in wide arc for maximum vibration
    • Plated or painted blade patterns

    From: $3.39 To: $4.19

  7. C.P. Swing The Swinger Spinning Lure

    • Versatile spinner available in sizes for all freshwater applications
    • Effective on most popular game fish
    • Brass-beaded shaft

    From: $4.99 To: $5.19

  8. Acme Tackle Little Cleo

    •  Nickel Chartreuse
    •  Nickel Blue
    •  Neon Flo
    • 2/5 oz.
    • 8-12 lb. test
    • Medium to medium-heavy spinning, trolling & baitcasting in still or running water Ideal for all larger fresh water gamefish.

    From: $3.99 To: $4.19

  9. Mepps Hot Trout Spinner Kit

    • Plain and Dressed Aglia Assortment
    • Includes reusable storage box
    • #0 brown trout blade
    • #1 hot firetiger blade
    • #1 hot pink blade
    • #0 rainbow trout blade-white tail
    • #1 hot chartreuse blade-yellow tail
    • #0 hot orange blade-black tail
    • NOTE: Due to ongoing research, lure components may differ slightly from those pictured or described.
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