Rod Cases, Holders & Mounts

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  1. Berkley Horizontal Rod Rack

    • Horizontally stores 6 rods neatly and securely
    • Corrosion proof
    • Foam grip pads
    • Durable and lightweight
  2. Hobie Rod Holder Extension

    • These fit right into the molded-in rod holders and offer a large diameter sleeve that is deep
    • Leash the holder extension to the boat and the rod to the holder using the molded eyes
  3. Hobie Fish Rod Leash - Webbing

    • Secure the rod leash to the boat and rod
    • Quick snap connection feature allows easy detachment when needed
    • Webbing construction with quick connect hook
  4. Fishpond Jackalope Rod Tube

    • Designed for carry on
    • 420D Recycled nylon exterior
    • Rigid tube will take a beating while remaining lightweight
    • Store up to six 9 ft 4-piece rods
    • Molded and zippered top and bottom for added protection
    • Lockable zippers on both ends
    • Built in business card /identification holder
    • Removable shoulder strap
    • Compatible for the interior of most Fishpond luggage pieces
  5. Hobie H-Rail Rod Holder

    • A second lever allows the rod tube to be rotated at angles forward to alt
    • To adjust, simply release the lever, rotate or slide along the H-Rail and then close the lever to lock it in position
    • The rod holder can be clamped facing inboard or outboard depending on the desired use
    • It's a tube design with a removable gimbal pin and a reel holder that can be rotated to orient baitcasting or spinning rods into the perfect position
    • The two oversized padeyes can be used for rod leashes or to secure the rod holder to the boat and prevent it from slipping under high loads
  6. Hobie H-Crate Soft Cover

    • Vinyl cover with a zipper opening
    • Keeps gear drier and out of UV
    • Keeps gear in the crate from falling out in a capsize
    • Easy to install using provided panel rivets
    • Double zipper is nylon, not corrosive and functions very smoothly
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Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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