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  1. Hunter Safety System HSS-UltraLite Flex

    • Weighs only 2 lbs
    • Individual, padded hexagons provide comfort and maximum flexibility in the stand
    • Trim design gives a snug fit without compromising movement
    • 1.25G" upper-body webbing, shock absorbing tether and waist buckle reduces weight and bulk
    • Patented HSS design eliminates dangerous dangling straps?and weave-through buckles

    Price From: $99.99

  2. McNett Tactical Gruntline™

    • Elastic Cord Offers Hundreds of Uses for Armed Services
    • Braided Utility Line Holds Up To 20 lbs.
    • Flexible Line Stretches Up To 7 ft.
    • Attaches To Itself or Other Objects
    • Holds Maps, Photos, Flashlights, Clothing, Water Bottles, Helmets, MREs and GPS Devices
    • Use as a Clothesline, Tie-Down Strap, Foxhole Line, Camouflage Holder, Belt or Retention Line
    • Emergency Uses Include I.V. Support, Arm Sling, Water Drip Line, Animal Snare or Sling Shot
    • Constructed of Natural Dry Rubber
  3. CVA CLAW Ultimate Treestand Carry Straps

    • Fitting most stands on the market, the adjustable straps allow easy on and off from your shoulders, a common complaint heard about other backpack straps sold with treestands
    • The non-slip, durable straps offer a comfortable carrying solution to an otherwise tedious task and will not hold water like foam pads
    • The CLAW Treestand Straps are compact, lightweight and resistant to odor absorption
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6 Item(s)