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St. Croix Premier® Casting Rods

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Quick Overview

  • Premium-quality SCII graphite
  • Outstanding strength, sensitivity and
    hook-setting power
  • Finely tuned actions and tapers for superior performance
  • Kigan Master Hand 3D guides featuring slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings with black frames
  • Fuji® ECS, TCS or PSS reel seat/ frosted silver hood
  • Premium-grade cork handle
  • Two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish
  • 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix
    Superstar Service
  • Designed and handcrafted
    in Park Falls, U.S.A.

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From: $130.00 To: $150.00


From: $130.00 To: $150.00


For society to continue to advance, sacrifices must be made. Some brave individuals must step forward and offer themselves up for the greater good. Their reward? Why the Premier® family of casting rods, of course. Thirty-four handcrafted models constructed with premium SCII graphite and top-grade components, these rods are worthy compensation for anyone who must cast hour after hour.
Model Length Power Action Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Rod Weight(oz.) Handle
PC60MF 6' M Fast 1 10 - 17 1/4 - 4/4 3.8 2
PC60MHF 6' MH Fast 1 10 - 20 3/8 - 1 3.9 2
PC66MF 6'6" M Fast 1 10 - 17 1/4 - 3/4 4.0 3
PC66MF2 6'6" M Fast 2 10 - 17 1/4 - 3/4 4.0 3
PC66MHF 6'6" MH Fast 1 10 - 20 3/8 - 1 4.5 3
PC66MHF2 6'6" MH Fast 2 10 - 20 3/8 - 1 4.6 3
PC70MHF 7' MH Fast 1 10 - 20 3/8 - 1 4.7 4
PC70HF2 7' H Fast 2 12 - 25 1/2 - 1 1/2 5.4 5

Additional Information

Style: PC60MF
Brand St. Croix®
Activity Fishing
Toe Protection N/A
Reel Type N/A
Age Group N/A
Frame Type N/A
Features N/A
Camp Accessories N/A
Travel Accessories N/A
Terminal Tackle N/A
Storage N/A
Gadgets N/A
Line Type N/A
Hygiene & Toiletries N/A
Health & Safety N/A
Short Type N/A
Insect Repellent & Management N/A
Navigation & Electronics N/A
Lighting Type N/A
Winter Sports N/A
Tent Type N/A
Camp Kitchen N/A
Furniture Type N/A
Insulation Type N/A
Pad Type N/A
Sleeping Bag Shape N/A
Type N/A
Sock Type N/A
Capacity N/A
Bow Type N/A
Style N/A
Bulb Type N/A
Accessory Type N/A
Sandal Type N/A
Jacket Type N/A
Shoe Type N/A
Boot Type N/A
Vest Type N/A
Gate N/A
Feature N/A
Color N/A
Weight N/A
Gender N/A
Species N/A
Fly Type N/A
Technique Casting
Firearm Type N/A
Type Freshwater
Fuel Type N/A
Tool Type N/A
Use N/A
Lens Shape N/A
Lens Type N/A
Shirt Type N/A
Shoe Type N/A
Frame Shape N/A
Glove Type N/A
Use N/A
Underwear Type N/A
Wader Type N/A
Material N/A
Length N/A
Rod Length 6`0" to 6`5"
Hat Type N/A
Height N/A
Filter Type N/A
Chemical Type N/A
Lure Action N/A
Sock Height N/A
Sleeves N/A
Temperature Rating N/A
Capacity N/A
Lure Type N/A
Insulation Type N/A
Active Ingredient N/A
Cockpit N/A
Hook Type N/A
Lure Type N/A
Knife/Tool Type N/A
Luggage Type N/A
Features N/A
Pant Type N/A
Bag Type N/A
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