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  • Designed to meet the needs of all anglers- from serious kayak fishermen to recreational paddlers- the VISICarbon Pro exhibits unprecedented performance in light weight, low drag, and portability- all with plenty of style.
  • The ultra-thin mast and instantly recognizable flag combine to offer excellent performance with low wind resistance, and enhances your visibility on the water, night and day.
  • The VISICarbon Pro light is complete with an LED module, which will burn for 100 hours on 3 AA batteries (included) and provides 360 degree visibility.
  • The Silent Snap flag attachment provides a secure fastening that can be left for hours, or removed in seconds.
  • The collapsed unit fits inside the flag for easy organization, creating a convenient and portable storage solution at only 14" long.
  • The deployed VISICarbon Pro is 48" long.
  • The SilentSlip foam at the base of the unit floats, but still fits into most flush mount and tubular rod holders.
  • Compatible with YakAttack MightyMount GearTrac, and most other kayak track systems from Scotty Fishing Products, RAM Mounts, and YakGear.
  • For FeelFree Kayaks, 3 Water Kayaks, and Jonny Boats you will need an adapter to be compatible.
  • Enhances your visibility day or night.
  • SilentSlip foam fits most flush mount and tubular rod holders.
  • 48" long deployed, 14" collapsed.
  • Collapsed unit stores inside flag
  • It floats!
  • Designed with carbon fiber tubing for stiffness and ultra light weight
  • Silent Snap flag attachment system provides quick and easy flag installation and removal
  • LEDs burn 100 hours on 3 AA batteries (included).
  • 10,000+ hours lamp life
  • Made in the USA
  • Covered by our Built for Life Guarantee
    • SKU: 9221086229
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