Drag n Drop (9 pack)

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Brown Gill
  • The Drag N Drop is a 4” finesse worm that quivers and shakes just as a panicked bait fish would.
  • At first glance, many anglers would instantly think “Drop Shot” when considering how to fish this bait, and they’d be 100% correct.
  • On a drop shot, the bottom of the Googan Baits Drag N Drop causes the worm to glide as it falls towards the bottom and coax finicky fish into biting.
  • Another way to fish the Drag N Drop would be on a mighty Ned Rig, where the small profile of this worm hopped along the bottom is sure to trick even the most wary of bass into giving it a try.
  • Available in a number of top fish-catching colors and with a heavy dose of Googan Baits’ own Slaunch Sauce scent, the Googan Baits Drag N Drop is sure to become a new favorite when the bite gets tough.
  • 4" Length
  • Finesse Bait & Versatile Design!
  • Crazy Creature
  • Shell Shaped Segments
  • Segmented Tail
  • Dynamite DropShot Design
  • Slaunch Sauce Scent
  • Stuffed with Salt
  • UPC: 842424109712 SKU: GDD-BGL-N/A


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