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Meticulously designed to turn the explosively productive prop-style bait into a 4-wheel drive, vegetation-busting machine, the Savage Gear Prop Minnow Weedless Propbait allows anglers to throw a propbait in thick vegetation where the big one’s dwell. Relying on an innovative construction, the Prop Minnow combines the flashy and water-churning attraction power of a propbait, with the mat-conquering abilities of a hollow body frog.

Carefully crafted with intelligent features that help it excel on the surface of your favorite fishery, the Savage Gear Prop Minnow Weedless Propbait integrates unique componentry for peerless performance on the water. The Prop Minnow boasts a high durometer flexible rubber prop that delivers the sound and flash of a metal blade with the additional advantage of flexibility that allows it to shed any vegetation caught on the blade with just a twitch of the rod tip. In addition to the salad-shredding prop, it shimmies out of the package armed with heavy-duty frog hooks that protrude through a heat shrunk opening which prevents water intrusion inside the Minnow so no cast is wasted due to a water-logged body. Completed with premium hand-painted details and generous 3D attributes, the Savage Gear Prop Minnow Weedless Propbait is built to go where no propbait before it could, to target the giants that lurk in your lake’s underwater jungles.


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