Saltist MQ Saltwater Spinning Reel - (SALTISTMQ3000D-XH)

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The Saltist you have come to know and love has been redesigned and upgraded. Still featuring a heavy duty aluminum frame for maximum durability, we have now added our Monocoque Body (MQ) for even more power and a more compact frame. An MQ frame design allows us to fit a larger gear inside of the reel, adding power and longevity to your gear set. A 360 degree screw-in sideplate removes to need for traditional sideplate screws, allowing for a more compact and more weather resistant housing. Utilizing a Zaion AIR ROTOR, the rotation is effortless allowing you to cast and retrieve all day with ease. Complete with a Magsealed main shaft to maximize protection from the elements, you will be ready to take on the even the toughest of battles. Available in a wide range of sizes from a compact 2500 perfect for inshore fishing, up to a heavy duty 20000 to take on the toughest offshore predators. The Saltist MQ is truly a prime example of what a spinning reel should be capable of.


  • MQ Body takes reel design to the next level. The MQ system does not require a body cover, instead using an engine plate to screw directly to the body. Eliminating the need for screws to hold a body cover in place. MQ body improves the strength of the reel, it also improves the water-resistance of the body and allows a larger diameter drive gear to be installed.
  • Daiwa’s innovative bail design features a hollow tubular stainless steel bail that delivers maximum rigidity and strength with minimum weight. Featuring a smooth protrusion-free design and construction line easily slides unencumbered along the Air Bail towards the line roller for trouble free line control.
  • Lighter, stronger and more balanced than any rotor system that’s come before, ‘Air Rotor’ delivers a great leap forward in rotor design and function and delivers the ultimate reel sensitivity and rotational balance.
  • A further evolution of its predecessor Digigear, Tough Digigear is our brand new digitally designed, machine cut gearing system that ensures ultimate gear precision, rotational smoothness, and strength.


  • Pictured is the SALTISTMQ3000D model.
  • Additional models may vary cosmetically from the featured image.


SALTISTMQ2500D-H 6BB+1RB 5.7:1 31.5 8.8 8/240, 10/210 10/250, 15/185 22
SALTISTMQ3000D-XH 6BB+1RB 6.2:1 36.8 9.5 10/280, 12/220 15/250, 20/220 22
SALTISTMQ4000D-XH 6BB+1RB 6.2:1 39.1 10.2 10/360, 14/250 20/280, 30/200 26.4
SALTISTMQ5000D-H 6BB+1RB 5.7:1 37.8 15.3 14/280, 20/180 30/230, 40/160 26.4
SALTISTMQ6000D-H 6BB+1RB 5.7:1 39.9 15.3 14/340, 20/270 30/320, 40/240 26.4
SALTISTMQ8000H 6BB+1RB 5.7:1 43.4 21.9 16/330, 20/280 40/330, 50/280 33.1
SALTISTMQ10000H 6BB+1RB 5.7:1 46.2 22.4 20/330, 25/280 50/330, 65/280 33.1
SALTISTMQ14000H 6BB+1RB 5.7:1 48.3 22.2 25/330, 30/290 65/330,80/280 33.1
SALTISTMQ18000 6BB+1RB 5.3:1 49.4 29.5 30/400, 40/280 65/440, 80/330 44.1
SALTISTMQ20000 6BB+1RB 5.3:1 52.9 29.6 40/330, 50/280 80/440, 100/330 44.1




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