Bozeman 15 Reg-LH - Washed Turquoise

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Sleeping Bag Shape, Sleeping Bag Temperature, Color Filter, Variant Color,


Sleeping Bag Shape:
Sleeping Bag Temperature:
15 to 30 F
Color Filter:
Variant Color:
Washed Turquoise


After a night of driving through the Rockies to get to your destination, lay the backseats down, slide into your Bozeman Sleeping Bag (or two), turn your stuff sack inside out and into a fleece pillow, and start dreaming of frozen falls and swinging axes. No matter your sleep style, there's a configuration to match. Even if you're going old-school, full-zip mode, you get a less-mummified mummy fit for roomy comfort that maximizes warmth. So, anyone can have a solid sleep experience and wake up refreshed and ready to rip.
  • Uses: Rock Climbing, Backpacking / Hiking
  • Full-length zipper with double sliders, plus wrap-around footbox zipper for versatile ventilation and ability to be opened flat and used as a quilt
  • Offset quilt construction prevents cold spots
  • Anti-snag zipper for easy entry and exit
  • Comfort Mummy cut efficiently maximizes warmth without constriction
  • Foot-box follows natural foot position for comfort and thermal optimization
  • Micro fleece-lined stuff sack can be reversed and used as a pillow
  • Face gasket comfortably blocks drafts at hood opening
  • Single-handed draw cords adjust hood closure
  • Insulated draft tube with anti-snag panel prevents cold spots along zipper
  • Can zip together with a second bag to form a double
  • ThermalQ Recycled synthetic insulation maintains loft with maximal compressibility
  • REGULAR SIZING: Fits someone up to 6? (183 cm)
  • LONG SIZING: Fits someone up to 6? 6? (198 cm)
  • Thermal.Q Recycled
  • 4 lb 8.2 oz / 2048 g
  • Insulation: Thermal.Q Recycled
  • Approx. Weight*: 4 lb 8.2 oz / 2048 g
  • Bag Shape: Comfort Mummy
  • Bag Loft: 5.5" / 15 cm
  • Bag Stuffed Size: 10 in / 25 cm x 18 in / 46 cm
    • SKU: 9209018591
    • UPC: 9209018591